Friday, February 23, 2007

Two Older Sisters, a Bucket of Paint and a Corner

I am struggling with an impending vacation with my two sisters, both of which are a bit older than me. Sure, it is going to be a nice little trip, just the three of us to Marathon Key, Florida, but four days and three nights with sisters might be a stretch. Sisters are great! We are talking family here, real blood and all of that stuff. It is just that when we start talking politics, the war and social issues over cocktails the heated debating begins in earnest. Then I start looking around for sharp objects. Am I making this clear enough?

In truth, this situation is all of my doing. Oldest sister, Stephanie, broke her hip last year after slipping on ice. Actually, she broke her elbow after slipping and falling on ice, and moments later the hip was shattered after a Good Samaritan tumbled on her while attempting a rescue. At least that is how I understand the facts surrounding the case. Anyway, this is the family vacation I recommended and supported a few months back as a kind of reward for a speedy recovery. Well, she recovered and reality is close at hand. If we can survive four days of paradise in the Florida Keys, we will prove to ourselves that we can survive anything!

Breathe deep, Gadabout, it will be fine. “Bartender, another round please, and make it a double!”

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Anonymous said...

We are going to have an excellent time! Bartender, make it a triple!