Monday, March 19, 2007

Appropriateness of Playboy

I have a question for my readers today. Is it appropriate, in today’s PC environment, to receive a subscription to Playboy magazine?

This is sort of a tough question since the answer will be dependent upon the individual life situation. For instance, if there are kids in the house, then it may not be the best idea for them to have access to Playboy. It could screw up their young minds. I know this since my father had Playboy in the house, even though he feigned attempts to keep them hidden. Kids don’t get enough credit for their skills and determination to fully explore an entire house; insideout and backwards. They are very detailed oriented that way.

I like reading Playboy and have been a subscriber for many years. It all began in college. The house needed Playboy, so the five of us decided to subscribe. It seemed very adult to us and they didn’t go unread—EVER! Even our visiting female friends enjoyed flipping through the pages in the evening. It was accepted then, but today there seems to be a social darkness surrounding those who still believe in the magazine. Of all the magazines and publications I have ever had delivered to my house, Playboy is the only one that was never trashed unread. Now, that’s readability.

Okay, I can buy off on the position that the latest edition should not be displayed front and center on the coffee table, but I cannot believe that those who have Playboy delivered should be labeled as social outcasts or deviants. It’s just Playboy for crying out loud! I mean, I like reading the articles. Your thoughts are welcome.


Anonymous said...

What about the pictures?

Gadabout Jack said...

That too.