Monday, March 12, 2007

Gadabout Jack is Back

Gadabout admires a Spitfire fighter plane that helped save England from invading forces

Gadabout tours London and finds the indigenous auto fleet curious

Gadabout Jack prays for fallen British servicemen

Gadabout discusses national policy with fellow officers

Gadabout strikes a pose at the Lincoln Cathedral

Well, the UK trip was wonderful and all that kind of stuff, but it is good to be back on American terra firma. Actually, the journey to and from the UK was uncomfortable and annoying. After being informed that our flight from Norfolk to Dulles was cancelled, we decided to rent a car and drive to DC and catch our overseas flight to Heathrow. Of course our itineraries were already revised to reflect a next day departure, so needless to day rebooking was not a snap, especially since Dulles was a mad house. Mad house is a pleasant euphemism for chaos. Yes, Dulles was in a complete and utter state of chaotic servitude. "Stand there, walk here, don't ask questions you low life traveler." You understand. The flight was 95 percent full, and since I was traveling on the government's dime, I was relegated to the travel car section, crammed in with the world's proletariat. The only saving grace of the seven hour flight was my seatmate, Pidic. Yep, Pidic (Peedick). Pidic was a very nice gentleman who adjusted himself against the bulkhead and only asked for one standup to make a rest stop, then back to his window cage for the duration.

My encounter with customs was met with similar discomfort. A fairly attractive customs chick looked over my documents and inquired on my motives for travel. I replied in kind as to the official government business to which I was undertaking on behalf of the USA, but was having a bit of an ADD moment as to the location of my first stop, to which she notified me was a security violation that would be overlooked "this time." Welcome to London.

UK Customs Chick

Passport offering
Fatigued, red-eyed gaze
Suspicious hard stare

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