Wednesday, March 14, 2007

Life 101--Text Messaging

Lost Ancient Art of Etiquette

Voice mail message
Abandoned to rot in queue
Is not forgotten

Gadabout Jack is curious and disturbed over the mobile phone text messaging phenomena overwhelming and influencing our Nation’s youth. I just don’t understand. It’s a telephone, is it not? Part of me understands that texting is a quick way to make a point or send a message without having to answer and conclude a call. You know, “Hello, Gadabout speaking...hey, I don’t have time to talk right at the moment, but I’ll call you back in a few...bye now.” And avoiding calls from those that you don’t like very much, like an ex-wife, is good reason not to answer too. My point here is that people in their 20’s and 30’s never answer their cell phones...EVER, requiring the rest of us to leave messages that are never returned!

Okay, here is the fallout. This is not 1970 when the 60 year old geezer could be counted on to either croak or retire in short order. At one time, people actually retired or died, and either way they were out of the picture—for good. Not so these days. We are all living longer, working longer and holding grudges longer from unreturned phone calls than ever before. Take note you little sissies who sip on flavored vodkas and are offended by cigar smoke—the generation preceding you is not drifting gently into that good night. Start answering and returning our calls immediately! Let me be clear. Blackberries are for text and cell phones are for voice.

Go ahead and giggle at these words. Sip your fancy coffees and devour $20 cocktails all day and night while typing meaningless messages to friends and family. Call me a grey haired old dude living in the past because I actually talk on my phone. Just understand this: unless the corporate structure and strategy cannot operate without you, and you don’t call the boss or a competitive peer back within reasonable standards, you’ll liable to get your can canned!

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