Tuesday, April 10, 2007

The Bizarre World of Bumper Stickers

As a passenger on my drive back from Alexandria this past weekend I had an opportunity to take note of the remarkable variety of bumper stickers on cars these days. Bumper stickers have always been part of American culture for as long as I have been around, but the shear number and unusual nature of these stickers appears to have taken off exponentially lately. There seems to be a theme for just about any belief system and personal achievement available and I have determined that this topic is worthy of Gadabout scrutiny.

Gadabout does not personalize his own vehicle with stickers, decals or commercialized license plate frames. I guess it just does not turn me on, but I find the “bumper sticker” craze fascinating. Our love for personalizing cars may be an undocumented hidden cottage industry worth over a billion cold ones. Wow!

There seems to be several personality categories for discussion:

Political Loyalty—I find these two bifurcated groups interesting, especially when a loser party or candidate is left on a bumper or back window many years after an election. These individuals most likely represent the extreme left and right.

Boasters—Braggers out there in force. “My Child is an Honor Roll Student.”

Achievements—University stickers, Laws Schools and Medical Schools.

Goth—Witches and Druids.

Angry Lower Incomers—“My Kid Beat Up Your Honor Roll Student.”

Caring—Support Our Troops!

Green Minded—Several of these are interesting since they are mounted on junk cars. “Say No To ANWR!”

Been There—Stickers from every state and national park in the nation.

Redneck—Honk If You’re Horny!

Angry Redneck—Back Off Or I’ll Blow Your Ass Off The Road!

Young and Hip—Oval three letter identifiers for popular vacation spots.

Drug Users—Make it Legal Now!

Morons—They’ll put any possible sticker they find without any noticeable theme.

Sure, I’ll advertise your product—Endless variations here.

Go online and check out the endless possibilities. Americans seem hungry for venues to speak out and voice their opinions, and bumper stickers may be an unrecognized and underappreciated food for the masses. Interesting.


Anonymous said...

JEEP Lover's--If you can read this, please up right my vehicle.

Anonymous said...

Hilarious and true! You may want to check out VIRGINIAisforNAVALAVIATIONlovers.com

Great bumpers and other zaps there.

Gadabout Jack said...

I'll check out the web site...thanks.