Friday, May 11, 2007

Aerials of Greensburg KS Tornado Destruction Raw Footage

Another Inconvenient Truth

Tornado’s anger
Tears sad swath of destruction
Last week’s boring news

In the news: Paris Hilton may not serve jail time because of overcrowding. The town of Greensburg, Kansas was hit by an EF5 tornado last week leaving 10 dead and an entire community wiped of the face of the earth. It was news for a day or two, but not any longer. Forget the fact that it was the most severe tornado to hit the country in eight years. Forget the fact that the tornado alert system was successful in saving hundreds of lives. Forget about an entire city left homeless. Let’s be concerned that the little slut, Paris Hilton, may not go to jail. Gadabout's heart goes out to the City of Greensburg.


Anonymous said...

Thanks for your comments about Greensburg and Paris Hilton. What is her claim to fame anyway? Your comments about Greensburg are right on. Thank you from a Kansas girl...

Gadabout Jack said...

Kansas Girl,
You have always taken the good road, and I respect you for that.