Thursday, June 7, 2007

Adult Kickball

Gadabout with teammates Rachel and Bobo

Gadabout calls an undisputed out

Hottie chick kicks a single

Gadabout has discovered that the game of kickball has made a powerful comeback in America. Yep, you heard it right, kickball, the game you played with vigor as a third grader. I guess it is not surprising that sports like kickball and dodgeball have made a resurgence since they were a blast to play as kids, and as adults we still enjoy the air of competition and beaning someone attempting to run home with a 10 inch rubber ball (hitting above the shoulders is against the rules).

Most leagues are coed, which is perhaps why so many single people are attracted to the sport. Kickball is a great venue to check out the available talent, and play sports at the same time. With a burgeoning population tossed back into the recycling bin after bitter divorces, and a growing distaste for a saloon-centric lifestyle, adults are flocking to alternatives for meeting "friends." Kickball seems to fill this void, and the numbers support this opinion. After only a few years since the sport became organized, hundreds of leagues have sprouted up. Virginia Beach is dominated by the WAAR (World Association of Adult Recreation) organization and boasts 42 teams on its roster. Not bad for its third year since inception, and the numbers keep charging upward.

Gadabout has embraced kickball for all it offers; athlethics, beer and women. I have been filling the role as league vice president and head referree, but the true pleasure flows from the delightful opportunity to enjoy and partake of sport. Who would have ever thought kickball would find its way back into our cultural landscape? Wonders never cease.


Michele said...

Baby Brother Mike caught a number to start a league in Michigan. We'll pursue this more aggressively next summer - maybe we will be talking about our respective leagues soon!

Gadabout Jack said...

Baby Brother is 35 years old! Let's try "younger brother." What do you think?

Anonymous said...

You need a picture of the keg with 50 folks standing around, regaling in the social event that is adult kickball.

Elizabeth said...

YEAH! any sport that encourages drinking outdoors is a good time, I am starting to play on Sundays and I can not wait to peg someone in the face! hahaha jk