Tuesday, July 24, 2007

Gadabout is Taking a Break

Dear Gadabout Readers. I have decided to let Gadabout Jack rest for a while, and quite honestly it may be a terminal rest bit. I think that what I considered harmless confabulation has been interpreted as hateful and disrespectful, and that was never my intent from the outset. If I have offended anyone, or engendered feelings of anger, then I sincerely offer my apologies to you.

I will no longer respond to comments, and will discontinue any further posts henceforth from this day forward. I will, however, post a final poll so as to discover some insight for consideration.

I thank all of you for your interest in Ask Gadabout Jack, and for your assistance in generating 4,000 plus hits per month on this site. I have been amazed at the rapid acceleration of the number of readings per day. Sort of neat! I felt great pride in creating Gadabout, but I never intended to create a monster.

Have a GREAT summer!

With Greatest Sincerity and Respect,
Gadabout Jack


jimmy ray said...

Damn... Don't you let the sensitive bother you. One thing I have learned after my retirment is that some civilains are so sensetive to a differant opinion.....

You have to take the good with the bad.....

Remember all those JO's you had to deal with..... Well if you hadn't hurt some feeellllllings along the way you weren't doing your job.

What I have enjoyed about gadabout you have been able to express an opinion that I aggree with and also found humerous at times.... But some folks that haven't seen life though our eyes might be a little put out by your written word.....

I say to bad... You have right to your express your out look and until they have walked a mile in your boots they will have to deal with you and clowns like me

Alusna said...

Amen to what Jimmy Ray has to say....Jack, everyone on this planet has an opinion, and yours will rarely coincide with others. So what? Live your life for yourself, don't live another minute of it for anyone else....And remember, comments will almost always be negative....people like to complain, but they rarely head to the keyboard to agree or compliment a writer....anyway, best of luck with whatever you decide.


Anonymous said...

Gadabout Jack,

Your blog's were great! You didn't hurt my feelings, it made me think, laugh and have fun with it.

I like a good debate with people who aren't afraid to do that. I did married a pilot, so what it didn't work out? As I said to me he just wasn't a "Hero", from my point of view. I'm just not a Bowie fan.

Please come back soon. I hope I didn't offend you in my post I met shallow in a fun way, not serious. I just shared my opinions and felt open to that.

I agree with Jimmy Ray, different subjects spark different opinions, some good... some bad, but people have different feelings. That what makes life great we each are different.

Bring it own! I loved the Cougar piece and plan to buy the glasses to do a test run. Why not? You're a great writer, but don't stop Gadabout Jack. I'm fine with all you write about. I'm a fan.

Liv Olsen

Anonymous said...

Man, you've gotta be like the Iceman in Top Gun. "Tension under pressure, begging you to touch and go, right into the Danger Zone," but don't put Gadabout to sleep like the Tomcat. It's wrong man... all wrong.


Slag said...

Retiring AGAIN!? Guess I'll just have to read your books - I've already got "Long Shadows at Noon" on order @ Borders.

LEE said...

I totally agree that you will be missed; your views are unique, and in this era of extremes, that is a great compliment.
Accept no blame for creating a monster--that was the "writer rage" of the minority! If some people cannot express without attack...send them to Iraq! They would fit in just right!
I take no offense with Gadabout-- and wish you would reconsider your "retirement".......?

Anonymous said...


How's this for negative feedback? You just ruined my week! I'm totally bummed.

Hey, go have a Margarita for us working stiffs!!


Anonymous said...


As friends this is our first post. Navy wives can't keep their yappers shut.It's a well known established fact within the Navy community as a whole.

I agree, and we are bummed out too. It was a fun blog to read with much laughter.I hope you will write from time to time. And do keep it shallow and so forth. That was its appeal to us.

We hope you will vist from time to time. It can be like a vacation, refreshing to return to when the time is right! Best wishes to you and much success!

From Friends

Anonymous said...

Among my most prized possessions are words that I have never spoken. ~Orson Rega Card


Bald Jack said...

Finally took the time to click on the op-ed links on the right GJ - educational... Previously I'd just been reading the "shallow, biased," and in my opinion, pretty damned funny observations on life...

Amie said...

This blog became a part of my day Jawsie. I hope you have a great weekend. We can't wait to be back in VA so we can go to dinner on Shore Drive and GO DIVING!!! I'm certified!!!