Tuesday, July 10, 2007

NY Times Discovery

Gadabout had to search for a copy of the local paper this morning since Starbucks hadn’t had their stock delivered by 6:45 AM. I found this curious since the New York Times made it all the way down from the Big Apple in time for my morning reading pleasure, but the Virginian Pilot was tardy. Another demerit point for the local rag! No matter, the paper seems to always be late—sort of like how Napoleon Dynamite might always be late to gym class. “I’m sorry, gosh, stop making fun of me!”

Being stuck with the Times wasn’t so bad, though. I discovered relevant news stories in the Times, and the reporters on the staff seem to possess advanced talents for journalism. There aren’t any cartoons drawn on the front page of the Times either. That was a tough transition for me because you have to actually read words to read the Times, not just look at the pictures. Pictures are good, but I am learning that letters formed into words are important too. Gadabout is leaning into mighty winds and making progress.

Since Starbucks didn’t have any copies of the local paper in stock, I made a quick drive to the 7-11 down the street. They had copies, so I picked one up and waited in line behind the masses. Two clerks were manning the cash registers, but it still took about five minutes of waiting before I was rung up. It was the usual 7-11 wait. A money order request clogged up one register, and the guy buying two 16 ounce Buds and a donut took extra time because he forgot his cigarette request.

Making a decision to patronize a 7-11 is a little like going to a Tarantino movie, you know the slow motion scene is coming, you just don’t know when it's going to happen. Pedro was working the counter and he had his act together, which was a good thing—I’d vote for Pedro.


Anonymous said...
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Anonymous said...

I think Gadabout Jack is right, under the guise of "fascade" the V.P creates for itself,-- which could become RIP if it can't go with the flow. It is what it is and that isn't much.I use mine left overs to for litter box material right where it should be most days.It works rather well, but real journalism whose kiddding who?

Only in VA. Dare I laugh? Indeed I'm. Some decent stories,at times yes.It's lost it's direction both in my driveway and in the messages it delivers.The truth is the truth, so those who can't accept it maybe they need RIP thier comments too, no matter who they are. I had to call many times subcription or not as it was M.I.A at 8 AM. It gets by with alot. Why,it's family owned and "family branded."

Keep it real my brother! Go Gadabout.

Anonymous said...

I agree, the Virginian-Pilot fails at delivery and in writing. Countless times it been found actually hanging in my tree. At least the Pilot part fits, it can fly into branches. Who throws those things anyway? I paid for that service too? Canceled after having to drag step ladders out way too many times.

The local rag does lack a lot of things mostly competition, which equals a no good paper. That's why we have all those other papers at Starbucks? For that very reason alone. People are reading other things, myself included. I walk to Starbucks everyday.

Eliza Moore
Va. Beach, VA

Gadabout Jack said...

Sounds like the world economy is creating some local competition for the VP!