Sunday, July 8, 2007

Surf Fishing Mystery Uncovered

Surf Fishing

Casting lines from shore
Thrust into winds, surf and wave
Total consciousness

Gadabout has uncovered a rather curious and seemingly unproductive American pastime. Since Gadabout lives off the tranquil shores of the peaceful and mysterious Chesapeake Bay, he is afforded many opportunities to observe aquatic life forms, sun seekers, joggers, dog walkers, sunsets, thunderstorms and fishermen. Of all there is to do and see along the two miles of shoreline, the most baffling are the surf fishermen. Surf Fishers (SFs) line the banks near a bridge (Lesner Bridge) along the western mouth of the Lynnhaven basin (the heart of Virginia Beach), where they cast lines and wait patiently for a nibble. After 6 years of living here and taking daily walks and jogs along this stretch of beach I have never seen a single fish pulled in from the shore. I have witnessed a few successes from those who wade out 40 feet or so and cast closer to the channel, but never have I actually seen anyone pull in a catch from the shoreline.

SFs are a serious crowd, despite their humble failures. They are usually outfitted with elaborate and expensive gear and tackle. They use white PVC piping that is drilled into the ground to secure their poles. Some of the more advanced SFs own specially designed equipment transportation carts that incorporate special tires to ease soft sand movement. These carts are capable of carrying everything required for a day of fishing; beer, bait, radio, fishing poles, meditation chairs and towels. Very impressive!

Impressive? Yes. Productive? No. They may not be a productive lot, but they certainly seem to enjoy and embrace their pastime. Perhaps it is an advanced form of meditation not shared with the rest of us. Maybe they are achieving a state of consciousness unimaginable to the Dalai Lamas. We're talking serious Zen here! Gadabout is seeking to understand this unusual sliver of the population. Their existence has been uncovered, but a complete understanding of their motives and purposes remains a mystery. This story has only just begun.

I have included photos that were secretly taken on the morning of 7 July, 2007. They are not close-ups, since Gadabout feared being detected, but they do provide proof of their existence and support my claims that they never actually catch fish.

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Anonymous said...

If you were to catch too many fish, it would get in the way of your beer drinking.