Thursday, August 9, 2007

Baseball Box Scores

Be not afraid of Box Scores
Gadabout firmly believes that being able to read a baseball box score is akin to being able to read music, speak a foreign language or understand calculus. All are important in fulfilling a rich and productive life.

Most Americans, especially women, don’t read box scores any longer. They are becoming relics of a distant past. We tend to rely upon Sports Center for details—we like visuals. Usually we’ll find the standings in sports section in the newspaper and sum up the summaries, and hunt for trends such as winning streaks or last ten games played. Then we refocus our attention to the comics.

Box scores are unique in the sense that in the “box” the entire game can be broken down piece by little piece. All the data is there for digestion and what is omitted is not necessary to fill in the blanks. Box scores are perfection, poetry, and art. Learn to read box scores and you’ll enjoy a history lesson in our most favorite pastime—Baseball!


Alusna said...


Think it's time for a baseball REALLY the nation's pastime? Or is that time passed?

cousin carol said...

I read box scores! It's one of the nice things my dad taught me before he prematurely left this earth.

Anonymous said...

I read and understand box scores, can explain the infield fly rule, and can compute ERAs and batting averages. AND I'm a chick!

Gadabout Jack said...

Wow...two chicks who can read box scores...Gadabout is taking this all in. I am proud of you both!