Friday, August 31, 2007

Labor Day Highway Deaths

As we begin the Labor Day Weekend, let us remember that nearly 500 people will die on our roadways. The statistics are alarming, and since we are driving smaller cars in an attempt to save gasoline the trends may move upwards. Be safe, don’t drink and drive and stay rested.

Other Tips for safety:

Check your tire pressure

Ensure your oil is at full capacity

Clean your windshield

Don’t be in a rush

Pass with care

Don’t be a tragic statistic this weekend, Gadabout values his readership!

Gadabout J Jack


The Wheel said...

And we value you, Oh Great Gadabout

Amie said...

Long time, no talk to GJ. Unfortunately The Melvin and I get to be on the road for most of the weekend because we adopted a sick puppy from a breeder 4.5 hours away. I hope you can stay off the roads this weekend. :)