Sunday, August 5, 2007

Return to the Moon

Dear Muslim Extremists,

We, the civilized world, are headed back to the Moon, and Mars is next. You Looney Muslim Jihad Has-beens can stay on Earth and blow each other up. Sorry, but you're not invited to explore the Universe with us. Go scrounge up some C-4 and discarded dynamite and continue with your life's mission. Our mission is one of understanding, exploration and peace.

Gadabout Jack


Anonymous said...

Ah-- glorious space. Risky business, yes. But we were the first country to "step out" on the moon .I hope we reach Mars for that historic walk too.

Lacy Camy

Alusna said...

Reminds me of that old story about the Saudi Ambassador asking the US ambassador why Star Trek featured Asians, blacks, Russians and Americans, but no Arabs. The US Ambassador's answer? Simple, there are no arabs because Star Trek is about the future....

Gadabout Jack said...

Remember, we now have Iraq as a friend. I'll bet we'll have an Iraqi astronaut in the near future.