Thursday, August 23, 2007

Sensible Green

Since Gadabout continues his quest for seeking ways to become greener, he has labeled his expedition of truth “Sensible Green.” Sensible Green does not rely upon Al Gore nonsense measures like carbon credits or scare tactics, it is based on sensibilities. Sensibilities that the entire family can appreciate, understand and enjoy. Together, we will create an open book of our lifestyles and consumption patterns. This open book approach will have an outcome of reflection, comparison and trends.

The Book will be kept by families and will contain spreadsheets, tables and graphs of household consumption patterns. Monthly gasoline purchases for autos, boats, RVs, lawn mowers; water consumption; electricity, natural gas and heating oil usage will be tabulated and updated. The right software would make this an easy task, and the data outputs would allow all members of the household to reflect on consumption rates and provide a catalyst for conservation.

It appears that young adults and children have already been brainwashed in school that Americans are evil consumers, so they will most likely embrace the idea and play along. It is my belief that Americans want to conserve, but they cannot find a starting point or baseline. Americans are visual animals, and a monthly glance at pie charts, graphs and other forms of descriptive data should formulate and build a foundation for comparison and action.

I think it is reasonable to suggest that many Americans already chart automobile MPG rates for their cars, but I doubt that many, if any, chart their entire household energy/consumption footprint. I can hear it now, “mom, we need to turn down the heat because we are on track to exceed last year’s natural gas numbers.” That would be cool!

Are there any Excel Geeks out there willing to set this package up? If so, email your proposal to Gadabout Jack for trial and I’ll select a winner. The winning software package will retain all rights to their creation, but will provide it to Gadabout and his readers for free upon request. If this idea turns into a money making website, Gadabout wants part of the action! Any takers?

Gadabout surprises himself at times regarding the workings of his brain that functions under the restraints of a very average IQ.

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