Tuesday, August 7, 2007

The Video Professor

Gadabout doesn’t believe John W. Scherer is an actual Professor, but he is a very rich man who feeds off fear and ignorance suffered by those in society who are baffled by computer languages. The Video Professor makes enthusiastic claims of fast and effective learning techniques through the sale of CDs with “guaranties” of success—or “he’ll refund the S&H” of his products. His commercials are nauseating, and use levity in light of consumer fears and anxieties who face of a tidal wave of change in which they are falling behind the broader population.

I admit to never using a VP product, or even attempt to contact the company to make inquiries about their products or services, but I have recently gone up the VP web site to investigate. Scherer may have started VP with a genuine desire to offer a viable product to feed the hungry and thirsty first time computer owners trying to figure out how to use those mysterious grey boxes, but today he is nothing more than a charlatan.

Messing around on the www, I found several pages where consumers felt ripped off by hard selling telemarketers. False claims, extra CDs showing up in the mailbox, and hidden charges smack the face of the friendly Professor.

VP supplies false hope to those who are already on tight budgets, are struggling to catch up with the rest of society and are most vulnerable in a rapidly changing technical landscape. If the VP is truly a rip-off artist, then he is engaging in unforgivable sins against his fellow man.

Help Gadabout Jack on this: is the VP legitimate, or is he a sinner? What do you think?


LEE said...

My daughter ordered one of these, and it arrived included in a box with 4 or 5 other "try them for free or we'll charge you in 12 days". The catch was the 12 days started when she ordered them, so they did not get back in time & it took 3 months for the refund to come in----no wonder he's getting rich!
They are seeing now that kids as young as 4-5 think food tasted better in McDonalds wrappings! We are becoming a nation of Big Brother wants you to buy this robots!

Anonymous said...

Right on Lee. Greed just doesn't stop. To prey upon kids? The buck obvioulsy doesn't stop there with him.

I think the Video Professor needs to go in front of a military judge and be convicted of fraud. He then has a better chance of message being received-- wrong behavior!

Maybe doing some "hard" time and be sent to like lets say a prison like Ft. Knox. Simultaneously he would be near money and reconditioning his behavior.

How much better can it get? To be near all that money and not touch a dime. Probably he'd have a H.A. Maybe he'll be blinded by the light and do the right thing then.

No,those types never do change, but they sure understand the concept of "show me the money".

Liv Oslen

Elizabeth said...

Sinner, but an intelligent one. There are suckers out there that will buy anything if you put the right spin on it!