Friday, September 7, 2007

American League Madness

It is not a secret that Gadabout is an enthusiastic baseball fan, which makes him a true American. And like most baseball fans, he is keeping both eyes fixated on divisional and Wild Card outcomes. This has been a fantastic year for baseball fans, especially with the Yankees distant second place performance behind the Red Sox. People are either Yankee fans, or they are Yankee adversaries. There is little middle ground here. Sort of like rock and roll in the 60’s—you either loved it or hated it. Yankee fans are sweating a bit this year, and that is good and wholesome. Beer is wholesome. Whisky is wholesome. Muscle cars are wholesome. And a second place Yankee team is wholesome.

2007 American League Baseball

God is good
God is great
Thank you for a Yankee team
Staring at an empty plate!

Okay, what will the outcome be? The Mariners have stumbled of late with a 1-9 last ten games winning streak. They have a three game stint in Detroit that will have lasting affects on the wild card outcome.

Cleveland is on the road for three games against the Western division LAA leaders, and if Cleveland stumbles their hold on the Central Division will be challenged.

Boston and NY are playing high school teams Baltimore and KC and are keeping pace within the East.

Which four teams will be left standing?

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wheels_sends said...

yanks will take the wild card and, despite current thinking, will also beat the angels. the ensuing sox/yanks series will be fun - no call there, sorry.