Thursday, September 6, 2007

Fred Thompson Presidential Announcement on Tonight Show

Gadabout finds this character interesting as a presidential candidate. He seems real and genuine. He looks presidential. Your thoughts?


Anonymous said...

I like him in Law and Order and I really liked the other former actor/President we had, for whatever that's worth. Just got done reading the Newsweek article about him. It appears he got fed up with politics when in the Senate then kind of coasted. We can't afford to have a Commander in Chief right now who will coast when he gets fed up with the process of the US govt., not with all my friends we have in the sandbox. I'll wait to see if he shows some fire in his belly. I haven't heard yet his plan for the sandbox, but I'm willing to listen.

Gadabout Jack said...

It is the toughest job on planet earth.

Anonymous said...

"Fire in the belly run, boy run." Wasn't that a song?

Fred Thompson won the straw poll for the National Republican Women's Club I heard.

Now all you Navy guys know you've fallen to sleep on a few watches yourselves haven't you? Tell the truth and don't lie! Does that mean you weren't doing your job? Does it mean you weren't good at it?

Speaking of falling to sleep on the job, former President Bill Clinton name comes to mind on that one. He was more interested in hanging out with movies stars and using cigars in unusual ways as history has established.

A lot happened on his watch that did not serve our nation well. His legacies while on "watch"... the Cole was attacked and the World Trade Center too. He did nothing to help or stop those events.

All the aspiring Presidential candidates at this point have been "sleeping on the job" to some degree and some getting $400 dollar hair cuts to boot.

Sorry TAFRN, you'd better dig into his record not Newsweek and do some home work. You should know better then that and to believe the media? Newsweek is a lame publication and the media completely liberal so of course they'd paint such a picture.

The Virginian-Pilot is slamming on the Blues following in the footsteps the San Francisco Chronicle today who tried to ban the Blues from performing and the V.P. to scare people. Such copy cats-- no originality at all. Lame duck liberal and biased publications.

Better read the some websites like The Drudge Report and a few others to get a well rounded view in the world of politics. It's own little private Idaho. Now don't you fall to sleep here on this one.

President Regan was a actor and did a "dam" good job as President. Wake up and smell the candidates. They aren't any stellar stand outs at this point.But better pick one soon and start supporting him or her. If you don't you may get what you may not want.

Lacy M.

Anonymous said...

I like Fred. First impression is he's an even better communicator than Ronald Rex, (whom I loved dearly.)
I can't figure out why Mike Huckabee hasn't caught on as "the" conservative candidate though. He seems witty and well spoken, he's pro tax reform (for us small-gov types) and he was a So Baptist Preacher, (Which should appease that wing of the party - tho' I personally find the Rel Right to be a bit manipulative...)