Wednesday, September 5, 2007

USA Economy

Gadabout is concerned about the economy since all the talking heads are raising concern over the war, fuel prices, home loans, stocks and bond markets and hurricane season. There seems to be a shortage of good news out and about. So Gadabout wonders if bad news is impending, or are we just complaining and driving our economy into ruin by worrying and running for cover?

Back to school buying may be weak this year, which I find strange since we have a growing population.

Housing is a mess with a glut of properties vacant, which I find strange since we have a growing population and Americans trend to live alone more and more.

The war has lost its luster, but signs of success are popping up here and there.

We are approaching the peak of the hurricane season, but have yet to be hit by a single storm.

Gadabout may have to concede that all is not well in America for the simple reason that I am told so. What do you think? Are storm clouds on the horizon?

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Anonymous said...

The US economy always moves in waves--up and down with the gradual trend to always be up. Regardless what happens in the short term, the US economy will remain strong and prosper. Luckily the free market is adaptable to whatever politics or nature or outside influence throws at it.