Friday, November 9, 2007

Email Inbox Creep

Gadabout has labeled neglected email accounts that have grown beyond their usefulness, and have become burdensome as “inboxobesity.” Inboxobesity is an indicator of an unhealthy social, economic and individual lifestyle. A person suffering from inboxobesity usually exhibits traits of messy homes, dirty bathrooms and wrinkled clothing. They also have higher than normal blood pressure, often get lost when driving and have a cluttered junk drawer in the kitchen.

Inboxobesity, like alcoholism, is a disease and those suffering from its ravaging affects should be treated with kindness and care. Don’t let yourself drift into the grip of this nasty ailment by taking the necessary steps to freedom.

Step 1. Start by deleting your deleted folder. This is a baby step. We are talking about little victories here!

Step 2. Set your delete settings to delete when you hit delete.

Step 3. Give your sent folder a good once over. This is refreshing and exhilarating.

Step 4. Give every sub-folder a good once over and delete with delight. Delete some of these folders.

Step 5. This is important. Update your contacts list. Many people save emails just for contact information! Get hip!

Gadabout is always here for you when you need him.

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