Friday, November 16, 2007

What’s not in the News is Newsworthy

Gadabout has discovered that what is not being reported on in the major news outlets is what is actually newsworthy. Katrina was newsworthy for a long time because it had legs – long legs. President Bush was definitely at fault, and mayor Nagan and the governor did everything right. The other costal areas hit hard and destroyed were of little interest because those areas had republican leadership, so they just had to tough it out. New Orleans must be okay now because we don’t hear much about Katrina.

I am also guessing the war in Iraq is doing better now too. The anti war zealots are kind of quiet this days. The lower house continues to push timetables for pullouts that never pass. These failed attempts aren’t even newsworthy any longer. Ho-hum.

Our nation’s infrastructure must have repaired itself overnight while we were sleeping too. After the Twin Cities suffered their sorrowful bridge disaster, we were frighten by the press that we were all certainly going to die soon in another disaster. I don’t think the presidential debates have even touched upon our national infrastructure. The problem seems to have gone away. Brilliant!

Global Warming receives a gold star for endurance, style and form. Al Gore receives some sort of peace prize for saving the world, but we are told that it still needs saving. That dude has some major connections – I want to party with him!

It’s not just what’s in the news, it also about what’s not. Keep the stories coming about how Hillary is a shoe-in.


Alusna said...

Some other stuff the newsies think is important, but makes me yawn:

1. Hollywood Writers Strike! (Who cares....)

2. Bhutto detained, liberty in jeopardy! (and she did such a great job back when she was in charge! Remember when Pakistan was THE place to live....)

3. Maryland may get slot machines! (Stop the presses)

Anonymous said...

Hillary, she does freak me out dude. Scary

Alusna said...

"In an upcoming interview with the gay magazine The Advocate, Hillary Clinton says the rumors about her being a lesbian are not true and she says she's never had sex with a woman, no matter how many times Bill has begged her to."

Your sister said...

Check on Radio Liberty - Interesting stuff which you would love to hear. Have you also read Memoirs: David Rockefeller?