Saturday, April 5, 2008

We think Recession, therefore we are in Recession

Rene Descartes, the French philosopher and great thinker (pictured above), had a Gadabout moment several hundred years ago: “I think, therefore I am.” Okay, sounds cool, so let’s switch the words around to conform to Gadabout’s theory that since we all believe that the economy really sucks, then we must be experiencing a deep recession – right? Screw that. I don’t buy into this fear mongering and neither should you.

Did I just hear you say “sub-prime crisis?” Fine, then. Let me ask you when you missed your last mortgage payment? Never? Oh, my. Okay, how many of your family members are in default? None? Oh, my. My point is that there are many leaving houses behind and defaulting, but that number is not for the average American homeowner. These defaults are from lackey investors and people who were too stupid to understand harsh economic realities. Sure, there are most likely those out there that hit a rough patch and were blindsided by the unfortunate lose of a job, a disability, or some other personal set back. These things happen in life. Gadabout is not blind to the fact that there are people out there on their asses. They are the poor, and we do need the poor.

Picture of REAL poor people

We need poor people around so that we can feel good helping them up. That’s why we have organizations around like Habitat for Humanity, Community Colleges, and Congress. Churches like to give money to the needy too, but donorship from the Catholic church has been diverted of late to take care of a few nagging legal issues. Anyway, without the poor we would be a lost community, steering without a compass. Poor people create balance, stability and direction to our great nation.

Points to ponder regarding your personal recession ordeal:

1. Has anyone stolen the tires off your car lately? During a recession, crime increases.
2. Have you dinned out in the past 10 days? During a recession, people cut back on expenses.
3. Have you missed a meal due to having no food in the house?
4. Do your children receive an allowance for doing nothing?
5. Have you paid a Veterinarian to care for a pet?
6. Have you been sick and not been able to see a physician?
7. Has you car been repossessed?
8. Have you removed alcohol and tobacco from your lifestyle to pay for food?
9. Do you glean food from a dumpster behind McDonalds?
10. Have you eaten dog food?

I think, therefore I am? Now that's some deep stuff!

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