Saturday, July 26, 2008


Gadabout’s curiosity with the paranormal realm was renewed last week after listening to two stories from friend. Neither involved an apparition, but both incidents were powerful and thought provoking. One involved the unaccounted lighting of candles, and the other was the discovery of a lost Saint Michael’s medal long after it was dropped into a lake. Both tales sent chills up my spine.

Gadabout has never witnessed an apparition of any sort in all his life, which he is aware of anyway. After watching the movie Sixth Sense, though, one starts to question what a ghost is and what is not. Hollywood fuels the fire with movie after movie, and TV episodes such as “Ghost Hunters.” It seems that WE WANT TO BELIEVE, but are disappointed with no proof positive evidence. There never seems to be a smoking gun. No “Ghost Buster” goblins or a spirit making an appearance on Oprah. America is anxious for answers! Is there a spiritual realm or not?

It seems that we can break down “instances” of paranormal activity into a few categories:

1. An Apparition. This means a visible ghost of any form. It is human like and is either translucent or solid in form. We’re talking about the good old fashion ghost here.

2. Invisible Spirit. Stuff like furniture is levitated or thrown around the room, voices are heard, or there is a sudden decrease in temperature.

3. The Unexplained Occurrence. This is similar to my friend’s story of two candles being lit. The lighting of these candles was not witnessed first hand, but when they were blown out the wicks were not burned.

4. Orbs of light. This is freaky!

5. Fragrances and Odors. People have reported that after the passing of a loved one, that a familiar perfume or scent is detected.

6. Energy pulses. This is when one experiences a rush of energy passing through their bodies.

Gadabout has experienced two “unexplained experiences” in his lifetime, and I am interested what YOU have encountered. Please vote to log the number of encounters you have (or have not) experienced. We need to know!

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