Sunday, September 21, 2008

Ghost Town – A Critical Movie Review of a Movie That Does Not Suck

Gadabout hadn’t heard much about Ghost Town before its release – not even a preview. We are treated to at least five previews each and every time cough up $20 for a big screen visit, and since I’ve never viewed one I have to guess it is because it didn’t need one. Ghost Town stands on its own and will be acclaimed for its lasting impression of living and learning in our narcissistic 21st century.

The film strikes at the heart with the force of the Holy Sacraments, yet is overtly secular. There is no mention of God (well maybe just a little near the end and it was surprising to take it in), there are no churches, or high priests and certainly no Jesus. There may be an absence of religion on screen, but the power of something greater than individualism ignites your spirit.

Ricky Gervais (A Night at the Museum) and Greg Kinnear take us on journey of love, discovery and altruism that is frightfully believable despite the presence of ghostly beings living amongst us. Gervais plays Doctor Bertram Pincus, DDS, whose near death experience leaves him with the unfortunate ability to commune with the dead. He is an unlikeable character detested for his treatment of others. The screenplay might be simplistic, and liberties taken to form plot turns, but the story never leaves us in play or tease us as easy marks. You will laugh out loud at least 10 times and you won’t be embarrassed to do so. But beware that even the strongest will feel the pressure to resist tears. When a movie can toss our emotions at will, tell a story of faith and redemption, and motivate us to live better and richer lives – then that film is a success. Ghost Town is that movie.

The critics haven’t published quite yet, and if they come in at C+ don’t listen to those elitists with an agenda. Listen instead to Gadabout the Titan. And one final word: men should not see this film with other men because it is too dangerous to hold back a misty eye in front of another. Fathers MUST NOT bring their sons!


Anonymous said...

i wanted to see this movie!!! i love the main guy. he is so funny.

Anonymous said...

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