Monday, November 10, 2008

Gun Sales Explode

Gadabout is not surprised that gun sales have skyrocketed since post election day. Why should any of us be surprised when both houses of Congress and the Presidency are now solidly in the hands of a single political party; a party that finds comfort in passing tighter gun control laws. So there you have it, the perfect storm of sorts, when all of those on the right, clinging to their guns and bibles, run over to Hank’s Gun and Pawn and buy out the entire inventory.

You have to dig deep to find journalistic coverage of this recent phenomenon, which is unusual because it is newsworthy. Most of the news articles are from hick red states like Kansas or Oklahoma, so it’s not important to the Birkenstock and tweed wearing left. Who cares about Kansas? Well, Gadabout is interested in trends nationwide and this has caught his attention. So much so that I visited a local gun to discover first hand and determine for myself, “what up?”

Well, the place was packed with buyers, not shoppers, buyers. After watching and taking notes I made it up to the front of the line and was shown several .40 caliber models. I had no idea how many manufacturers of guns were still in existence. I favored the Beretta – it just felt right in my hand – so I said, “Let’s do it.” I was taken away by the moment, and after filling out two pages of personal data and providing three pieces of identification I was walking out the door with a beautiful piece of Italian workmanship. The Italians are wonderful! It took a total 15 minutes to purchase and complete the deal. Repeat, 15 minutes. God bless Virginia!

So what does all of this mean for America? Okay, I have an opinion, and it goes like this; if a government wants to ruin an industry all that government has to do is tax it. This is not Gadabout spouting off – this is the way of macro economics, and there are many examples to support these claims. Remember the luxury taxes on boats and aircraft in the 1980’s? All the new congress and administration have to is tax guns and ammo at, let’s say, 200 percent. Yep, no restrictions to second amendment rights – right? I have to say that if I was faced with a whopping $1,200 tax on my recent overly emotional gun purchase I would have canned the idea. How about you? Gadabout may be on to something here.


Anonymous said...

The 2nd Ammendment does say that "the right of the people to keep and bear arms shall not be infringed." Rediculous taxation on either guns or ammo is certainly an infringement. But, to expect that to matter to anyone, it would require that the federal government actually abided by the Constitution, and why the hell would they start doing that now?

Gadabout Jack said...

The Tax Man Cometh.