Wednesday, November 19, 2008

Pirates: A Solution

Gadabout has been contemplating the increasing instances of piracy on the high seas off the horn of Africa, and what can be done by “normal” countries to stop this nonsense. I say normal as in the USA, UK, Spain; and not dirt countries like Saudi Arabia or Mexico. If you don’t like that definition of “normal” that is fine, but realize that you are not normal and have no grasp of reality, are likely a wiccan and believe that US automakers are sinister. If so, fact so. First rate nations have first rate militaries, first rate laws and first rate weapon systems that can be trusted by the civilian population. Read that to mean weapon systems for cruise ships and cargo ships in the hands of a clear thinking maritime captain. (less the crew of the Exxon Valdez – of course)

Let’s frame this problem in the context of “personal space.” People that routinely violate another’s personal space are psychopathic and annoying. Long ago, Gadabout developed a technique to combat violators of his personal space but simply stating, “You’re in my personal space,” to a psycho. I just wait patiently until they move away and comply with my demands. It works brilliantly. These pirates of my personal space will rot in eternal hell because God is on my side. God also likes pirates, to a degree. We see this through their popularity during Halloween, and the interest in Black Beard.

The point being made here is that those that violate personal sea-space do not willing listen to, or heed warnings from, a crew being taken over. They want bounty, plain and simple, and asking them to move clear of personal space does not work as a viable tactic. Now, for example, if someone were to violate your personal space and you immediately, and without warning, gave them a quick upper-cut to the jaw and knocked them silly, they most likely would not violate you ever again. Right?

So the answer, then, is to let maritime crews unload the power and might of high explosive weapons upon those that violate perimeters around a high value ship at sea. Sure, a few innocents would be destroyed, but that is a small price to pay. It’s all about firepower, my friends.

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