Wednesday, June 10, 2009

Amy Adams

Gadabout recent shared dinner and a movie with actress Amy Adams. It was an icebreaker date after months of communicating by email and Skype. The couple met after Gadabout accidently strolled by her Washington DC townhouse several times while looking for the Metro station. One of Gadabout’s friends called Amy to chat about the relationship. The following is an excerpt of that phone conversation.

Amanda: Hi, Amy, this is Amanda, Jack’s friend and associate.
Amy: Hi, Jack told me so much about you.
Amanda: Really, what did he say?
Amy: You know, all the regular stuff.
Amanda: Hum. Well, how do you really feel about GJ?
Amy: Amanda, there is no other way to describe Jack except to say—dreamy.
Amanda: Dreamy? Are you sh%$ing me?
Amy: Hey, the guy is the total package. Slender, handsome, worldly; and most importantly, he knows how to treat a lady like a woman.
Amanda: Treat a lady like a woman?
Amy: Well, I think I’ll let your imagination do its work here.
Amanda: You don’t think he is rude, self-centered, self-absorbed, overweight, balding, and OLD?
Amy: Have you ever met someone that swept you off your feet? Would you not like to hang out with, say, Bill Murray? Have you ever dreamed about driving a 1959 Chevrolet Corvette? Have you never looked upon a sunrise and felt the hand of God at work?
Amanda: I don’t know what to say to that.


Anonymous said...

Anonymous said...

Stolled by or was stalking her?

The Melvin said...

Well, I wasn't gay before participating in that poll, but considering the options...

Anonymous said...

The script is screwed up. If Amanda was calling Amy to talk about Jack, why was Amy the one questioning Amanda about how he treats a lady?
Sorry Jack, just a little too much scotch with this one.