Monday, April 30, 2007

Dog Attack!

The Attacker looked something like this

The Victim resembled this breed

Gadabout witnessed a vicious dog on dog attack at the beach today. I had just spent an hour reading Slaughter-House-Five by Kurt Vonnegut, had packed up my gear and was walking back to the dune pathway when I noticed a hippy looking chick (mid forties, I am guessing) with a powerful looking dog. The hippy chick and her dog were accompanied by what appeared to be the hippy chick’s mother. Or so it seemed. I describe her as a hippy because she wore silver jewelry, a bandana and hemp looking wrist bands. Hippy stuff. So the stage is set with a hippy, a mom and very powerful looking canine.

After just a few steps after noticing the trio, a lonely, unleashed, log haired, over 10 year old female of unknown breed (Gadabout is not interested in specific breeds) rounded the pathway. I immediately sized the dog up as a non threat. Hell, it could hardly walk through the soft sand. Long hair pooch passes me then canters by the short haired beast and in a flash was taken to the ground by the neck. It was a striking scene! It happened in an instant. One moment calm and the next was frenzy with jaws locked on the neck with a body being whipped back and forth. I estimate the weight differential to be 90 lbs vs. 60 lbs. Wow!

Now, hippy chick did have “Spike” on a leash, which is unusual these days, and she was able to pull Spike away. Spike was so strong, our nature girl had to drop to the ground, place both legs apart and plant her heels in the ground, and the lean backwards using all her might to restrain Spike. After about 10 seconds of relative calm, our hippy heroin cracked a vile smile. It was frightful. Gadabout wanted to slap her one, but thought better of it—she did have the dog, remember? I bet she deplores violence, war and republicans. The next time this happens, and the victim is a todler (I pray to God it is not!), we'll see if she takes that pissy grin off her face.

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