Saturday, May 26, 2007

Gadabout Hates Love Bugs

DDT, Where Art Thou?

Pesky little pest
Swarms of millions fly mating
Splat upon windshield

Gadabout is a bit freaked out by Florida insects. Kissimmee, Florida, is infested with Love Bugs--Plecia nearctica. Love Bugs are everywhere down here, and they certainly make a mess of things. Cars have literarily thousands of splatter marks on windshields, front bumpers and grills. I have not yet inspected my radiator, but won’t be surprised if it is gummed up.

Love Bugs appear to be harmless to humans. They don’t seem to bite, and the local population doesn’t make much mention of their presence. It’s just that they possess a science fiction like quality because of the magnitude of their numbers, and the fact that they fly in a constant state of mating. You rarely see a single Love Bug. It appears that once they are hatched (I guess hatching may not be correct since bugs do the egg/larvae/pupal routine) they immediately find a mate and get down to some serious business.

Harmless or not, Plecia nearcitica is a major nuisance to life and living. My Super 8 motel no-tell is infested, the Kissimmee airport is often swarmed by clouds of millions, and I have sat on many by accident. Gadabout is on the frontier, once again, keeping America informed.


Jimmy ray said...

Freaking love bugs!!!!!! Did you hear the story how they came to be? (whether it is true or not is not known)

Supposly they are genetic experment gone wrong by FSU.... They where engneered to distory the larva of the flordia national bird the "mosquito"... A great idea but like so many times when Man trys to be god it fails.

Damn love bugs don't eat anything they just do 2 things fly and procreate (I think) Birds won't eat the love bugs because they have nasty acid in their little bodies,,,, The only natural pedertor for the little sex aditics is the front end on cars, trucks and airplanes...

BUT the aicd in there little smear marks will eat the paint off the front of a car, I have heard of semis over heating from the blockage in the radator from the dead bastards.

When I worked on S-3s at Ceil Field after every flight we would clean the fan blades because the all the dead bodys. if we didn't freaking engine thrust effency would decrease..

Lastly Jimmy Ray would do his own experments.... Do you know how fast Love bug can go hanging on to windshield of a 67 Ford Failane while having sex? anywhere between 50-75 MPH depending if the like bastards lover was helping or not.

Gadabout Jack said...

I guess I have some research ahead of me. Crap, it is baseball season!