Friday, June 29, 2007

Same-Sex Marriage

Gadabout, like all of you, has read the many news articles outlining the continued debate over Gender-Neutral Marriages. Massachusetts passed a same-sex marriage law and a few mayors and defiant clergy have chimed in allowing and performing “official” ceremonies. During camera worthy moments, these stories make the evening news and talk shows where extremists from both sides square off. It always makes for an interesting diversion. Add Ann Coulter to the mix, and you’ll be treated to a real circus.

Now, this issue is a hot button topic for a lot of players, and the legal implications appear far reaching. Far reaching in two general areas—financial effects (health care for partners, etc.) and religious values. Other factors relate to children and various legalities, but in the end it is really all about cash and God. Big players, indeed.

Gadabout doesn’t care either way, and I believe most of America doesn’t care much either. Simply put, I support marriage for all Americans. Hey, if a gay couple decides to get married and ruin a perfectly good relationship, so be it. Look, people tend to fall in love and when they do, society promotes the institution of marriage to legitimize cohabitation. Yes, the pressures of society have subsided over the past few decades, but marriage is still a firmly established dream for a lot of people, regardless of sexual orientation. It is my opinion that with growing trends towards toleration of non male/female relationships, then same-sex marriage is inevitable. And with that I would like to say good luck and welcome to the out of control marriage and divorce industry.

Half of all marriages end in divorce, and the other half in death. Either way, it is a giant money maker for the industry. The average cost of a wedding is $30,000. That’s enough for a 10% down payment on a sweet $300,000 home in the burbs. But our little princesses demand celebrity status for a day, and daddy is expected to pay. Most of you have an idea of the costs so we don’t need to labor over details. Four years later the lawyers, marriage counselors, real estate brokers and a laundry list of others rake it in during the divorce. The marriage industry is a $160 billion plus annually, and cost and heartache of divorce is greater. Gadabout speaks from experience here.

So, for all of you out there campaigning for same-sex weddings, welcome to the club of financial misery. The economy will be lifted to new highs with a fresh crop of customers! It is the American way! Open the champagne and pass the cigars!


Anonymous said...

Always the sensitive one. Gadabout, you obviously had a bad experience with divorce. But, don't lump that experience in with marriage. It just might be possible for 2 people (male or female or both) to have a lasting and rewarding relationship that supersedes the fact that it ends in death.

Gadabout Jack said...

Okay, GJ has been receiving a lot of negative mail on this post which I find surprising and unexpected. I do believe in the institution of marriage (even though it may not appear so). Yes, I had a negative experience (all divorce is painful, regardless of how "painless" it might be). Yes, I firmly support Gay rights. Yes, I think couples pay way too much on weddings. Yes, I believe too many unprepared couples end up fighting endlessly during a divorce and loosing it all to lawyers, bankers and real estate brokers.

Amie said...

To quote one of the defendants in one of Melvin's cases (at the domestic violence clinic), "never trust a f*$%in' ho." (spoken with a country accent)

I think if couples today would be as discriminating in choosing their mates as they are in choosing the location of their circus-style weddings, the divorce rate would decrease. This of course won't solve all problems because as we all know, people can hide their true selves for a while...but for those who have doubts listen to your woman Maya Angelou. She says, "when a person shows you who they really are you should believe them."

According to the National Center for Health Statistics, the divorce rate is the lowest it has been since the 1980's. Why? Some report that it is because people are waiting longer to get married. I, for one, will be so old and wrinkly at my wedding that I just plan to wear black. It takes a LONG time to find the right one.