Tuesday, July 31, 2007

“House Wants Apology from Japan”

That’s the headline published by AP that was printed in many of today’s newspapers. Gadabout knows that Congress is determined to solve the world’s problems and this most recent resolution shows that Congress cares.

It is no secret that the Japanese military committed countless acts of genocide and other countless unimagional acts of aggression during their attempts at domination. If you were a service member engaged in combat with the “Japs” during WWII, you sure as hell never wanted to be captured and become a POW. Those bastards were SAVAGES! Read up on the Bataan Death March in the Philippines if you have any doubts. During that 25 mile, 3 day march, 75,000 Filipino and American POWs (12,000 Americans) were brutally handled by their Japanese captors. 10,000 Filipinos and 1,000 Americans were either executed or died of exposure along the way.

So here we are today, with Congress, the NY Times, and a disproportionate number of Americans lashing out at the President and the military establishment for our harsh treatment of Muslim Terrorists at Gitmo and other prisons in Iraq. Gadabout knows through very trusted sources that we are not SAVAGES in our treatment of these Bastards.

Dear Congress, if you demand apologies from 60 year old atrocities from Imperial Japan, how about cutting Americans a little slack in this very humane war we are fighting against evil? Get your head out of your butts and start supporting America.


Alusna said...

Jack, love your blog, but have you ever visited this one?


Gadabout Jack said...

That is a cool, very cool, site. But by putting that link on ask gadabout jack, you might take my readership away. Scaryduck is awesome!

PS-I must keep busy to improve my format! Damn the competition!

Alusna said...

Well, Jack, Scary is good, but at least you are mostly family oriented....:)


Anonymous said...

excellent column I couldn't agree with you more.

Anonymous said...

Gadabout Jack,

That was a kick it and let it blow piece! History is history... and I've yet to see many other countries apologize to us and we've aided these countries and their economies since!

Continue on! You have my attention sir.

Lacy Camy

Anonymous said...

I have to agree 100 percent!

Liv Olsen

jimmy ray said...


Anonymous said...

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