Wednesday, August 1, 2007

High Time for Tough Action against Pit Bulls

The Enemy Within
Now that we have begun to digest the horrific details of Michael Vick’s woes concerning his evil interests in dog fighting, it may be time for our attention to shift towards the dogs themselves. Gadabout knows that many of his readers are most likely “dog lovers” since many American families boast canine companions, and champion dog rights. But after some shallow research, I have determined that we must start passing tough laws banning dangerous dogs, such as Pit Bulls, from society.

I used Wikipedia as the sole source for building my thesis because I was too lazy to dig deep into the volumes of data out and about. Wikipedia is not always a trusted source, but what source is balanced? That’s why we trust Gadabout Jack; he freely admits to offering biased opinion based upon loose facts, but he is almost always right on the mark!

In 2005, Ontario, Canada, outlawed Pit Bulls. That’s right; the entire Province is Pit Bull free. Sort of like a drug free zone posted around a public school (yeah, those signs work well!). The few grandfathered Pit Bulls had to undergo sterilization to maintain legal status. Good job, Canada!

In America, we don’t think twice about passing “no smoking” laws to protect nonsmokers; we pass “gun laws” to protect the innocents; we post speed limits to save lives and save fuel; and we also set BAC alcohol limits for driving. Take dogs from their owners? Hell no!

Gadabout says, “Outlaw Pit Bull and other dangerous breeds—forever.”

There are nearly 400,000 reported dog attacks on humans in this country every year, and the bulk of them are at the jaws of the mighty and angry Pit Bull. Support Citizens Against Dangerous Dogs (CADD), and make a lasting difference in protecting society.


Elizabeth said...

I think they have a bad rep, of course if they are mistreated and brought up wrong they are more liable to "snap" or "loose control" once provoked, but what breed wouldn't be? I blame the owners... most owners of a certain caliber aka (thugs) want to own pit bulls b/c they are a strong/intimidating breed and want to train them to fight/protect their drugs, etc.... ...unbelieveable... put a fork in Michael Vick b/c he is done!

Anonymous said...

As the owner of three working breed dogs I took the time to familiarize myself with this site You may find it interesting as well. General handy information, statistics, the issues with the statistics et cetera.

Anonymous said...

CADD. That's hysterical.