Friday, July 6, 2007

Time and Friendships

Gadabout was offered, and accepted, a very generous invitation to have dinner with old friends last night. It had been too long since we had last broken bread together, and chance events of fate brought me into their home for beers, steaks and blessings. When you are invited into a family’s home and spend a few short moments as part of that family, you are touched by the finger tips of goodness and grace. Exceptional families are exceptional to be with, and make you feel like you are genuinely a member of the clan. Gadabout felt as if he was part of the clan last night, as he once had years ago.

The last time I recall spending time with the Gordon’s was probably 15 years ago. The kids were runts back then, running around the house as children do. But that was 15 years ago and now those kids are adults—successful adults. Rip is a full fledged pilot and towers over me. Kate is into the arts and lives in San Francisco. Rob will be finishing college soon. They all grew up, while Gadabout grew apart. Life is funny that way. One day people are an important part of your life, and the next you become aware of lost years that have drifted by, spoiled by neglect.

Hey, Gordon Clan thanks for the dinner, wine, conversation and the many blessings bestowed upon me in my quiet and gentle quest of understanding the true meaning of life and the everlasting importance friendships. I hope others learn from this experience. Can I come over next week for dinner?


Elizabeth said...

HI GJ!!!!!!! how the heck are you, your family misses you! I miss the fam too! maybe you should consider talking about Wes Anderson one day, he is probably one of the best directors out there and his humor reminds me of you! love you! xoxox

Gadabout Jack said...

My dear niece,
Yes, it is hard.

Nikki said...

Jaws you are welcome at the Snackers anytime. He is in Cali for two weeks, and that is how rumors get started. So, we will call you when he is back :-)

Gadabout Jack said...

Nikki--I'll take you up on that--after Snacker returns, of course!