Thursday, August 16, 2007

1 Hour Dry Cleaners

Sparkle Cleaners--photo taken while undercover
Gadabout noticed the above sign for a 1 hour dry cleaning service this morning on his way to a local Starbucks in Buffalo. One hour dry cleaning? I have see these signs on every dry cleaning operation and I simply don’t buy into the program so I stopped in and inquired.

Sparkle Cleaners boasts that they are experts in Suede, Leather, Draperies, Full Alterations and Wedding Gown Restoration. They have two locations in Buffalo, a nice pricing sheet and charge 10 cents for extra starch. Nowhere, though, do they list a price for “one hour” cleaning—so I asked. I was told that one hour cleaning was available if “Tom” was in. If he was than he could process an order if he had the time. The time? I then asked how much one hour cleaning cost and she really couldn’t say; it was all dependent on the situation.

If cleaning can be accomplished in 1 hour, than why does it take 3 to 4 days for a regular order? It is all nonsense. Another question—why are there so many items on the conveyor belt. Have you ever looked at how loaded the inventory of cleaned orders that are ready for pick up is? Why is this? Are the owners dead? Did they move? Did they forget? Did they bring in old clothes as a nasty joke, never intending to pick up their cleaning?

There is a mystery in dry cleaning. Gadabout asks for your assistance in uncovering the truth. Is this all a Hoax?


Alusna said...

And if they LOSE your pants, is it worth $54 million to you?

cousin carol said...

Hey Jack, do you have any "inside" info on contrails and chemtrails?? Is the government spraying crap into the air ... or trying to manipulate the weather (or both??) Kevin and I saw some really weird jet contrails today... with an accompanying black contrail that did some weird things that didn't seem at all like a shadow.... would love to hear your ideas and/or have you post it on your site for your friends to debate ;-)