Tuesday, August 21, 2007

Dear Gadabout Jack: Dangerous Canine Breeds

Dear Gadabout Jack,
I read your blog comments about dangerous dogs with great interest. While I don't disagree with some of your premises I would offer that dogs are made mean, not born mean. They are only dangerous because they have been trained that way. Outlawing dangerous breeds is like outlawing guns where only the criminals will have them.

My Siberians are considered a dangerous breed; however, because I have taken the time to train and socialize them people comment on how well behaved they both are.

I also think Vick should be subjected to the same treatment he allegedly imposed on those dogs under his care; electrocution, beatings, etc. He made those dogs mean.

What really needs to happen, but won't, is that owners should be responsible enough to train and socialize their dogs. Just like some people shouldn't be allowed to have children because they can't raise them properly, there are people that shouldn't be allowed to have dogs, or cats, or cars, because they are not mature enough or responsible enough to be entrusted. That is the root cause of a lot of our social ills.
Siberian Dad

Dear Siberian Dad: First off, hats off for taking a position on this extremely important social issue. Gadabout applauds you for your efforts in properly training Sparky and Spot so as to protect the public at large. You receive a Gadabout Gold Star for your maturity and social consciousness. With that said, Gadabout is not budging one iota from his position that dangerous breeds should be banned. The extent of such a ban is yet unformulated in my brain, but I firmly believe that it should include heavily populated areas.

The “gun” metaphor does not hold weight with me since guns cannot get lose on their own and roam the streets looking for a fight and pray. Vicious and indurate guns do not exist, but angry dogs do. Animals act upon their own instincts. Guns depend on a human for operation.

Well trained dogs sometimes snap. I have a personal friend who owned a well behaved canine that “lost it” and bit a young girl in the face. The attack required immediate plastic surgery, and they barely escaped a hefty lawsuit.

Of your mention of an “eye for an eye” justice for Vick, well, we are a nation of laws that will take care of Vick. He’ll pay dearly for his actions. And in a nation that heavily debates the death penalty for heinous crimes against humanity, the likelihood of stiffer sentences for animal crimes are slight.

From a distance, it is difficult to determine with certainty whether a dog is dangerous or docile, trained or feral, or a threat or non threat. Because of this, the public is always in possible danger of an attack.

I understand your point and sympathize with your situation. You are one of the “good” dog owners and you have to take the heat for others who are neglectful in their duties and responsibilities. You represent a subset of society that will be impacted by the few. Sorry about that. I’ll still oppose you since others cannot be trusted. This is a black and white case for Gadabout Jack.

I feel your pain,
Gadabout J Jack


Anonymous said...

That's why cats are better than dogs!

Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...

"Well trained dogs sometimes snap. I have a personal friend who owned a well behaved canine that “lost it” and bit a young girl in the face."

GAJ, the above quote is why the ban is illogical. I have heard of Bichon Frises biting people. Are they to be banned too? I'm guessing you could find evidence of almost every breed biting a person at some point. I just don't know how you can categorize "dangerous." Seems a little too subjective.


jimmy ray said...

Wellllll I believe at one time or another every breed of dog has bitten someone. I would think dangerous breed would be one that does bite more often and when they do there is much more trama.....

Personaly I think the owner should be held accountable, when a dog (whether it is Pit Bull or Yorki)bites some one.......
OH I for got we're a country of excuse matixs... I't not my fault leads the list on the matrix

Gadabout Jack said...

Jimmy Ray's point says it all--trama. Pitbulls can kill you while other breeds might just leave a scar. We'll always have man's best friend around, but the debate over Pit Bulls will most likely result in them going away.