Friday, August 3, 2007

Time for BO to GO

Gadabout predicts that Barack is history. Yep, the gentleman presidential hopeful from Illinois has gone on the record too many times of late saying stupid things that dash his chances for the White House. And Hillary? Well, the press loves Hillary.

Why Hillary, you ask? Well, Hillary has cleavage. Hillary wrote letters to friends while attending college. Hillary is a mother. Hillary voted yes for the war. Hillary has made decisions. Hillary exhibited patience with Bill. Hillary doesn’t take crap from anyone. The Right underestimates Hillary, but Barack doesn’t. Barack may say silly things about nuclear weapons, invading Pakistan, sex education; but he is not stupid—he has just said stupid things in public.

Barack isn’t going to go away anytime soon, and after he bows out of the race, he’ll return to the Senate where he’ll make progress and accrue polish. Bet on it. Gadabout believes Barack will be president someday, but just not today. The guy is a good statesman and he boasts an impressive bio. He graduated from Columbia and attended Harvard Law. Certainly a better resume than Gadabout’s.

Vice President Barack Obama? Nope, he hates Hillary. Barack will stay a senator and do the Lord’s work. He’ll succeed as a senator while the country flounders after the 2008 election. Barack will wait patiently for the next opportunity, and when that opportunity arrives, we’ll have our first black president. Not this time around though. Barack is learning and learning fast. Harvard Law graduates are like that—they are smart.

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Anonymous said...

Draft Colin Powell!