Friday, September 14, 2007

A Better Fly Trap

Gadabout believes that the world needs better fly traps. I was at the local 7-11 the other day and they were using flypaper strips with images of flies printed on it. It was sort of disgusting, and certainly not very appetizing for someone intent on stuffing a “big bite” into their pie hole. Flies suck.

I did some surfing last week and noted a few interesting and promising websites, but most contraptions were very expensive. The UK seems to have the lead on elite fly traps, but the models offered still had to be emptied. The cheaper versions rely on a special light source to attract the nasty little critters, and after lured, a sticky paper is used to trap them. Yep, you have to remove the paper by hand—screw that!

The world needs a black box that is 99% user friendly. The box should be the size of a toaster, be colored black, have a single entry hole, and emptying should be a snap. The user should only empty a non-toxic, light colored ash into the trash. Simple! Put the word out.

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Anonymous said...

Can we buy a Venus fly trap to put in our homes or is that considered murder?