Monday, September 17, 2007

Autumn Rocks

Alongside football and tailgating, autumn peeks its head around the corner and delivers cool air for us to enjoy. Autumn is a pleasant time. Back to school, anticipation of leaves painting colors upon maples and oaks, chili on the stovetop, hunting season nears, and college football. Autumn is the best season of them all.

Spring? Well, spring delivers us from winter, but spring is wet. It rains during springtime—cold rains. Final exams are prepared for in springtime. Spring time is 3rd on my list of seasons.

Summer is a good season. Kids are out of school, so we don’t get speeding tickets in school zones. That is a good thing. Summer is hot, though, and all of the movie theaters are full with those with too much time on their hands seeking air conditioning. The highways are too jammed during summer months with vacationing families. Summer ranks 2nd in my book.

Winter is cold. There are fun things to do during winter months, like skiing and skating and such. But we avoid winter by traveling to warmer climates to escape the cold. Winter is dark. Winter ranks last.

Yep, it is all about autumn. Autumn is the only season with a nickname—Fall. Autumn is indeed special. Enjoy your Fall!


Stork said...

Amen Jawsie, a better season was not invented, and it doesn't get any better than up here in Vermont. You forgot to mention that Fall also has great Holidays: Halloween - Trick or Treating for shots, and Thanksgiving (OK, its technically in Winter but work with me) - eating ridiculous amounts of Turkey and Pie and then falling asleep on the couch watching the Lions get their ass kicked for the 34th season in a row (maybe not this year though?) The rest of my rankings: Winter #2 (hey, I live 18 minutes from a ski area), Summer #3, Spring #4. Spring would probably be higher on the list if I had gotten laid more during Spring when I was growing up like everyone in all the movies, poems and books was always doing.

Gadabout Jack said...

Thanksgiving is in autumn. Winter begins on December 21ish. Refer to "Long Shadows at noon." You did take the pictures!

You are correct! Fall is wonderful. Fall brings us together in many ways. Your points are meaningful. You are speaking of life.

Spring is over rated.

Elizabeth said...


wheels_sends said...

autumn may rock but summer is better!