Tuesday, September 18, 2007

Second Place Finish

Gadabout has finished in second place plenty of times during his life, and to be entirely truthful last place is no stranger. I have never supported the idea of “there is no place for second place!” Hey, somebody has to be “best of the rest!”

As an example, there are 30 MLB baseball clubs. At this time there are about 10 really quality teams in the Majors. Quality with a major “Q.” Teams that have a shot at being number ONE, and win the World Series. That leaves 9 others kicking the dirt, and looking disgraced in the end. But they are all good ball clubs, and in the end it might be one error, one double play, one stolen base that made the difference. Think about that—one play!

“Gadabout, what is your stinking point?” Well, my point is that even though second, third and forth place finishes have merit; those “trophies” should never be displayed for posterity. Sure, winning the Pennet is being number one in a league, and is also second place if you lose the Series. That’s not what I am talking about. I am talking about display cases filled with second, third and “good effort” awards. It is embarrassing, especially when FIRST PLACE trophies are pushed to the back to make room for lower awards. First Place is First Place and should be treated with dignity!

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