Wednesday, September 12, 2007

The Foundation of our Present War

One of Gadabout’s readers sent this photo and I thought it would serve well as an example of why we are at war. Yes, we are at war. We are engaged in a world wide religious war with our peaceful Muslim brothers. Our brothers who practice genocide, suicide bombings, killing of innocents and torture; all in the name of their god, allah. Jihad! Kill the infidels and Jews!

12 September, 2007

Dear Mohammad,

Sorry, Mohammad, but we (mainly those of Christian faith) will continue to defend ourselves and our homeland. We will maintain a strong presence in the heart of your holy lands; Iraq, Kuwait, Saudi Arabia, Northern Africa, Afghanistan and the Persian Gulf. We will seek you out and hold you and your filthy kind accountable. You will likely die for your actions. If you surrender, and lay down your arms and seek peace; we will offer peace in return. But we will never surrender to you. It’s your choice—peace or death.

Gadabout J Jack


Anonymous said...

Well said and absolutely true.

wheels_sends said...

couldn't agree more.

let's not start talking crusade now, eh??

Anonymous said...

I think it already is a crusade--at least a little bit.