Tuesday, September 11, 2007

News Flash—Nothing Matters but the Nukes

Gadabout doesn’t see much importance in the war in Iraq, world oil supplies, the balance of power in Washington, illegal immigration, Social Security and trade imbalances with Asia. The only, and often forgotten and neglected, player in world harmony is the threat of nuclear weapons. Yep, the E equals MC squared big boom.

The world will shift regarding oil usage. We’ll be forced to adjust our habits, like smokers are when forced outside bars and restaurants to light up. This shift will be insidious. It will occur over time, and will cause some hardships. But we adjust to hardships. We always do.

The war in Iraq? The war will find a path forward too. Sure, it is a big problem and people are dying, but people die everyday. 16,000 Americans are murdered every year. People murder people everyday. Murder is not newsworthy. Genocide has always been swept under the rug since the beginning of time. The world is always at war. Evil leaders will always find a pathway to power. Evil is always defeated in the end. The war will fizzle away. Fires always fade.

13 million illegal aliens? So what? America will deal with this issue over time. Perhaps someday, we’ll be fleeing south over the border. Ask yourself, are Mexicans truly affecting your life in a negative manner? Don’t let the pundits scare you. I fear power mongers in DC and the talking heads more than I do a Mexican putting a new roof on my house.

Social Security? Hey, we are already a socialistic society, despite the claims of the opposite. We’ll find a way to care for people that need care. Americans are good at this, because Americans are good people.

Trade imbalances? Americans are free thinkers, creative and determined. We are a wealthy nation. We like our money and lifestyles. We’ll always move forward.

Regardless of all, though, there is only one real threat that we cannot counter. That threat is a nuclear weapon. Blow up another building with a jet liner, and we’ll just build another. Blow up an oil refinery, and we’ll build another. But if we are hit with a nuke, we are truly screwed. Nukes are powerful weapons. We ended a war with Japan in a few short days with the power of nukes. The Japanese fell to their knees and we accepted their surrender. Then we rebuilt Japan. We shaped a better Japan. If a rouge nation were to nuke us, they might just decide to keep going. Think about that. We accepted Japan’s surrender, but a radical leader might just snicker and keep hitting the red button. Nothing matters more than nukes in the hands of evil. I spell evil I-R-A-N.


Buff said...

I think Gadabout is onto a salient point. In the days of ever earlier presidential election cycles, an even more polarized population yielding an ever increasing amount of pandering to the margins; we are slowly losing our national focus. The events that have the least immediate and often questionable long term impact on our daily lives have consumed the mainstream media, the candidates platforms and the talk shows. Gadabout is right when he points out that the average person in hard pressed to draw a direct relationship to their daily existance. It is much like the economy (stupid). Outsourcing will destroy our way of life (first pointed out by the garmet industry in the early 1900's and later that century by the automakers), yet we seem to find a way to move on. The national debt will eventually crush our ability to compete and perform as a nation (first identified as a threat post WW I) as nations stop fundng our debt. The real estate crisis and subprime crisis is the first step on our way to soup lines (very similar to the savings and loan crisis of the 80's).
Each of these events has been deemed catastophic and freely and openly blamed by each party on the other. Yet, somehow, the economy and the population has adapted and adjusted and moved ahead. In a free market economy, there will always be the John Gaults among us who step up and bring the next wave on innovation and adaption that sees us through to the next generation of leadership.
The mobilization of global radical militants combined with an ever expanding nuclear proliferation problem is a recipe for armageddon style end times.
I think the sad truth is that all politics are local is more than just fact, it is capitol 'T' truth. The candidates drive the scare tactics on those issues they think will resonnate with their voters and that they can claim a solution for (as long as the other side cooperates). There is no easy answer to the terrorist (freedom fighter) nucler threat, so we don't address it.

Gadabout Jack said...

Thanks, Buff, for the fine read. Howard Roark would be pleased.

Stork said...

And here I thought that this was a simple "movie quotes about booze" and "making fun of the Pussification of America" type BLOG.

AR would be rolling over in her grave if she knew some of the dark secrets that I know about the 2 characters that are shamelessly dropping pseudo-intellectual references to her work on this forum.

...And on the 8th day The Lord created the Key West Det and commanded unto his choosen people:

"What goes on it, stays on it."