Saturday, November 3, 2007

Stupid Road Signs

Stupid Road Signs

Unimpeded drive
Smooth sailing along corn fields
End construction sign

Gadabout is curious about construction signs – more specifically, those that read: “END CONSTRUCTION.” It is nice to know that construction has stopped and you can start speeding again. Speeding is fun. But the weird part of “end construction” signs is when you never knew any construction was gong on in the first place. This is troubling.

Well, this troublesome trend (and I see a trend here) seems to have roots in poor management of road projects. I am guessing that that when you motor by “end construction” signs where there was no apparent construction, the construction crew simply left the sign up either through neglect or laziness. Regardless, the buck has to stop somewhere, and the person in charge should be held accountable for their lack of proper oversight.

Other advisory signs torque me off too:

“End School Zone.” Hey, I never knew I was in a school zone, you hillbilly freaks!

“Left Lane Ends.” Everyone merges right and the left lane is open – that sucks.

“Construction Ahead.” Damn it, where’s the construction?

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