Sunday, November 4, 2007


Water-boarding? Gadabout, what’s that? Well, it appears that it is a form of torture that is turning into a big no-no these days, and is causing a stir up in DC with the Senate confirmation hearings for Justice Department nominee, Michael Mukasey.

Water-boarding very effectively simulates a drowning experience to the “victim.” Oh my dear God, I am dying.” After passing out (I guess) the individual recovers and is shaken up a bit and coughs up State secrets. That seems to be the long and short of it, anyway. This has become a big deal – what is torture?

Gadabout doesn’t believe this is torture because he grew up watching movies about the Germans, Japs, and Vietcong beating the live out of prisoners. You know, the really grizzly stuff that horror movies are made of, except they really did that stuff. If someone is hung suspended by their arms for days, are whipped and brutalized and die – that’s torture.

Gadabout thinks we should be kind and keep the water at a nice room temperature.


Elizabeth said...

I totally agree, people are a bunch of sissy's these days!

Bald Jack said...

I think waterboarding falls more under the catagory of Psy-Ops. But I think it's bad PR...