Saturday, December 15, 2007

Eastern Time Zone Blows

Monday Night Football

An exciting pass
Beer and chips make me sleepy
Eastern Time sucks

Gadabout lives and breathes in the Eastern Time Zone, and he thinks it sucks the fat man’s ass. It is really tough to finish a Monday Night Football game, World Series or other popular televised event because they don’t end until midnight or later. The marketing juggernauts run our lives and our schedules, and Tivo can’t help us here. The game ends when it ends, and that is that.

I’ve lived in other time zones and believe Central Time is about as good as it gets. Chicago is on Central Time, and Chicago rocks. You can watch Monday Night Football and still make it to the office the next day without having to make excuses about taking the kids to the doctor or daycare. Central Time engenders truthfulness, makes allowances for sleep and allows us to finish the game. Central Time rocks.

Pacific Time is backwards. The games start early on the west coast and everyone is loaded from pounding beers very early in the day. Monday Night Football is history relatively early over there and everyone is wasted by 8:00 PM. They seek second winds and party late on the west coast. Then there is the problem with communicating with Eastern Time friends. Calls made after 7:00 PM from the west and received after 10:00 PM on the east. This makes it very difficult to drink and dial when you live on the west coast.

I vote for Central Time.

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