Wednesday, December 26, 2007

New Year’s Celebrations

Gadabout has observed a shift in how Americans celebrate the New Year. It seems not long ago everyone would pile over at a friend’s house and party into the early morning hours. Sure, there was always the option of making a special trip to New York (I have that check in the block and do not need to repeat it) or another activity on the gigantic scale. Now there seems to be corporate events sponsored at large hotels and convention centers where all one has to do is pay cash up front and all is supplied. Supplies like live music, food, alcohol, hot chicks, party favors and the like. Isn’t that nice? All you need is a wad of cash and your happiness is secured for the entire evening.

I guess this “special events” have come about from DUI arrests and convictions (I have never been convicted). You pay the tab and the hotel will assist you in finding a way home, or you stay in the hotel with dreams of getting lucky. Most likely finding the toilet to barf in will be as lucky as you get – but hey, you are safe and sound and are only $400 in the hole. Not bad when compared to a night in jail and court costs.

Another type of celebration has popped up also, and that is the celebration of staying home and hanging out with just a few friends. No driving and maybe playing cards and listening to some good music is enough fun for the night. I have tried this option and it works like a champ.

Yep, going out to a bash hosted by friends that live ten miles away has fallen by the wayside. It was fun while it lasted. We either end up at the hotel party or within walking distance of the house. Times have changed. The lampshade over your head at midnight is a fading memory. Sadness.

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