Friday, December 7, 2007

Why it Doesn’t Matter to Reggie

It appears that Reggie Bush, star running back and Heisman Trophy recipient, may have to cough up the coveted award two years after earning it. It doesn’t matter, though, because it, the Trophy, is just a thing – nothing but a thing. It’s just a Trophy for crying out loud and Reggie Bush is making millions as a professional football player for the Saints. He might not be a Saint in the biblical sense, but he is a saint nonetheless.

After reading Reggie’s Bio, Gadabout can’t really blame Reggie for a bit of foul play off the field that may strip him of the Heisman and USC of a national title. Titles aren’t even things, they are simply memories. It’s hard to strip away memories and say they never happened – unless you are very old and suffer from Alzheimer’s. Sometimes woman (after leading a sultry past) will become “born again virgins,” but that is another story. The point is losing a trophy or a title means so little to a young man of modest means trying to make some cash. And the cash he and his family took was not tarnished drug or gun money. It was just sports cash, banking on a comer. That comer was in the shape of an uninjured Reggie Bush making it to the pros and opening up the cash register. No pros – no soup for you – go sell insurance.

All you Ivy League sissies with manicures and legacies of wealth can pack sand. You were led to the golden temple on coattails. And all you laid off auto workers with an attitude can pack the same sand too because Reggie was working his ass off while you were smoking pot and drinking beer. And you, you in the middle, you who went to a state university and are barely hanging on to six figures and need a new car – what would you have done? Nothing but a thing.


Alusna said...

Jack, you're starting to remind me of Wes Pruden of the Washington Times - I almost can't tell when your're pulling our collective leg.

Gadabout Jack said...

Gadabout is color blind!