Sunday, December 9, 2007

Have a Merry Lead-Free Christmas

The Spirit of Christmas

Sub-prime mess ensues
We buy Wii and X-boxes
Beneath plastic trees

Gadabout believes that during this time of the year many of us run here and there, just to get there and here. We scoop up “deals” to place under hastily decorated, store bought plastic Christmas trees. Work schedules and demands of careers steer us in this direction. A direction that is sometimes directionless, and we lost our personal compass that we once held in times past. Good directions and an accurate compass are not always readily at hand. That’s why moments of silence and reflection, away from the hurry of daily living, can engender memories of what is truly good and worthy of praise in life and living.

So, if you are in denial and are one of those people arrested and bound by the very effective commercialization of Christmas, then have a ball. Rage through the mall to buy little Sally with snot running out of her nose her favorite gift as dictated by sparkling advertisements on television. Use that Visa card to scoff up all those shiny toys manufactured by child slave labor in China and other communistic environs. Lead paint for all!

Good luck to all of you this season of family and friendships in finding direction and recovering that neglected compass, or not. I wish and hope the Spirit flows through your heart and soul with great intensity. Oh, and if you are buying gifts for Gadabout, I’ll take the Wii.

Your Friend,

Gadabout J. Jack


Anonymous said...

What about the Starbucks mugs? They're made in China if you flip them over and look. Can you get us an update on those babies. How many people floating around are drinking out of them now? Adults that is-- not kids.

A Bud

Gadabout said...

I'll look into this and report back soonest.
My best,