Monday, April 7, 2008

Hey, China – Light My Fire

China, the land of sneaky shoe makers and all play things painted with lead, is under fire again by those opposed to their human rights record. It seems the best way to lift the tides of humanity is to beat up innocent Olympians carrying a rather large Zippo cigarette lighter. The French, God love them, love protests as much as they love Love. Very cozy and very caring. Cozy because all the protestors are wearing Nike sneakers to protect their feet from the cold and rain. And Caring because beating up cops and innocents is a firm affirmation of care giving.

Okay, here is the big deal-e-o regarding China. China is a power house and will most likely take over the world within the next 100 years. All of this will occur while the socialistic western societies crumble under a wave of debt being held by the all powerful mega economy of China. Americans and Europeans (let’s include the world excluding Muslim nations and Switzerland) will busy themselves with porn, alcohol and college sporting events while street signs are silently translated to Chinese dialects. “Crap, Ohio State lost another championship game!”

Here is Gadabout’s advice to the world: Let’s play hardball with Evil China before Nike factories are relocated to Detroit. The Olympics in China is a good thing because it diverts their attention from producing to PLAYING games. The sooner we successfully introduce sex, drugs, alcohol and college sporting events in Beijing, the sooner Chinese workers will miss work and become defiant. It’s really that simple. Light the fires and let the games begin!

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