Saturday, September 6, 2008

Palin is Unfit for Duty -- just ask a democrat

News Flash -- Pelosi is unfit too!

Let me get this straight: Nancy Pelosi has five children and seven grand children and is considered fit and ready to lead the House of Representatives, but Sarah Palin is labeled a “freak” for abandoning maternal responsibilities? Really? Now that is interesting.

“For in the same way you judge others, you will be judged, and with the measure you use, it will be measured to you.” – Matthew 7:2

“Knowing it was out of envy that the chief priests had handed Jesus over to him.” – Mark 15:10

Gadabout believes it is about making judgments of others and envy that drive these sharp criticisms of VP Sarah Palin, and that those making these statements are surely going to hell. It is all about securing power for the left, regardless of Palin’s obvious popularity, that promotes such slander and ridicule. Seemingly neutral female individuals have found it quite comfortable to judge negatively based upon family values. Where are the feminists? If political party labels were redacted, would such vandalism of character continue? I think not. Unfortunately, Gadabout is but a mere male, and his words matter little in these matters of Devine Femininity.

Take heed that such negativism is not merely words; no, it is a sin and hell awaits.


Anonymous said...

Gadabout, you are a genius!

Anonymous said...

The furor over Sarah Palin is further proof that Feminism is dead. When they refused to hammer the sexual harrassment of the sainted Bill Clinton (powerful man in leadership role bagging hummers from the unpaid staff) they revealed their true colors. Now, by hammering a woman who actually got somewhere without riding her hubby's coat tails, they reveal themselves as intellectually dead, political tools for ugly, liberal dikes. Besides, now we get to look at four/eight years of Sarah in heels instead of Hillary in bulging pant suits. Palin is hot!

Lurch said...

When the heat dies down, and the giddy euphoria of McCain's fine political chess move is absorbed, it won't matter much about Gov. Palin's children or family life. It will matter that she supports the same Right-wing views that other varsity players in the VP hunt possessed. I would bet that McCain couldn't care less about the things people imagine Gov. Palin represents - empowering women, injecting youth into the election - in chosing her, he played the best card in his political hand, as any one from either party would. What's strange is complete allegiance she was fostered in the GOP devout. She may be smart, ambitious, and good-looking, but even the suppossed 'under-experienced' Obama has far more experience in working in large organizations and in goverment than she has.

nas5va said...

I find it interesting that Virginia's own Governor Kaine was on the short list for the democratic VP nod. I do not recall anyone questioning his experience (roughly the same, as he was mayor of Richmond--murder capital per capita on occasion-- prior to being governor of the Commonwealth) or so tenaciously analyzing his ability to parent and legislate simultaneously. Other than party allegiance I am thinking that the additional significant difference between Palin and Kaine may just be gender. Is it possible that the hope-and-change chanting liberals are condescending toward women after all? I don't believe that Ms. Palin hates women, as articulated by another fine celeb academic, Pink. I'm thinking they just may be the "haters" this time.