Friday, February 1, 2008

What Up, China?

China sucks. China is undergoing a transportation crisis and most of the world doesn’t know about it. China doesn’t like the “outside” world to know how much they really suck. Millions of travelers are hanging out in overcrowded airports and train stations because of power shortages and a heavy travel season related to the Lunar New Year. They are short on coal to generate electricity. This shortage is good for West Virginia because America has plenty of coal to peddle. “Wang Ching, you want coal? We sell you coal. We love you long time.”

Big government equals big problems. Don’t cover up, China. It is clear that your population works for pennies on the dollar because your water supply is contaminated with lead. Your country of communists is slowly turning retarded because of the heavy metals. America busted you on this last year when you tried to poison our youth with pretty toys covered with lead paint. In America heavy metal is equated with the Stones, Led Zeppelin, Aerosmith, and the Who – not freaking poison. We figured out 50 years ago lead will kick your ass so we cut back on it and sue the tar out of anyone screwing up.

China does not “sue” they kill. The leaders of the toy industry that screwed up with lead based paint were executed. Not lying folks. The solution was a hasty trial followed up with a gangster Glock-Glock to the head. “Yo, Wang, Glock.” What might be the outcome of an entire country forced to live in the streets for a week, whining and ill-tempered? The answer is simple enough: G-L-O-C-K. Yep, all you soccer moms out there opposing the death penalty and preparing to vote for H-I-L-L-A-R-Y should pull you heads out of your asses. The pretty little toys under the Christmas tree, your purse, the ice scrapper in the trunk, and all that is plastic and cheap is supported by Chinese radical communists who believe in Glock-Glock as a sensible business and governmental solution to decision making.

Jesus never visited China for a reason; he didn’t like them and didn’t want to save them. Jesus knew that they would support North Korea, lead paint and hasty executions. This is why God is punishing China today, and this is why West Virginia will profit from their sins. Gadabout is watching you, China. Gadabout sees the truth.

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